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John Ethan Michael: Kennesaw Entrepreneur

John Ethan Michael is a Kennesaw, Georgia-based businessman who operates HTG Consultants.
The company provides licensing, website setup, email, and online marketing services to local business owners in the area. John has been providing this service since 2017 and his clients range from service businesses, maintenance companies, and more. He is proud of his work with these businesses, who all depend on him for their success online!
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Before starting HTG Consultants, John Ethan Michael from Kennesaw spent decades gaining business experience in a variety of industries before ultimately coming to realize the career path he wanted to pursue long-term. Soon enough, HTG Consultants was born.

Kennesaw businessman John Ethan Michael started his Cobb County company in 2017 after noticing there was a need for these types of services locally. He has been meeting this demand ever since with his team of experts who are committed to providing their Kennesaw-based clients with exceptional customer service 24/7.

When creating his own Kennesaw, Georgia business almost half a decade ago, one of John Ethan Michael’s goals was to forge lasting relationships with other business owners and use his skills to help them succeed. He says that he is “happy to provide this service and help other Kennesaw companies.”

Throughout his business’s rapid growth, John Ethan Michael’s Kennesaw company has been providing various services of superior quality including licensing, website setup, and online marketing help to local businesses. His clients, which range from electricians to plumbing companies and everything else in between, are in several areas of Cobb County, Georgia, including Hiram, Kennesaw, Acworth, and Dallas, and each relies on him for their success!

Further discussing his achievements, Kennesaw’s John Ethan Michael says “I love having my own business because I know I’ll have it as long as I want it” but also mentions how hard work pays off: “It took some time at first to build up my business but it’s worth it. This is a job that you can do for the rest of your life if you want to. Being a businessman may not always be convenient or easy, but I have looked at other types of work in Kennesaw and elsewhere in the metro Atlanta area and was unfulfilled without the opportunity to help others.”

As a Kennesaw business owner, John Ethan Michael’s philosophy is simple: hard work pays off. This is clear as day when looking at his work and the successful outcomes of his clients.

John Ethan Michael notes that there is a lot to learn when starting in the business world. He offers advice for those who are looking into entrepreneurship in Kennesaw and says, “Find what you can do well and find people who need it.” John also advises “get your feet wet” with different types of businesses before choosing one as he did so himself.

John Ethan Michael of Kennesaw has had many accomplishments throughout his life both personally and professionally, but most importantly, he’s happy doing what he loves.

He says, “I wake up every morning with a smile on my face and I’m excited for the new day. That’s what matters.”

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